For cleaning, we only every three months (or when necessary) put it under tap water,

Limpieza del anillo

for half a minute or so, nothing more. It is not necessary wash it with water and salt, or in direct sunlight. (Although this does not hurt him)

Many people have been writing on cleaning and recharging and about Atlantis Ring, some of them refer to the cleaning and refilling ring, 24 hours in the sun or when the full moon falls and bury it in a pot, but none of this affects the energy field of the ring, only affects it, “increasing their vibration”, by dowsing, or if we introduce it into a hollow pyramid, I repeat, “it's not necessary” because this “increased vibration” affect the sensitivity and perception of the person, besides depending on the finger where it takes you. (There are people who don't support this energy increase). It is not necessary to increase energy field.

For his “Sacred Geometry” interact with us, so we shouldn't lend or give it to anyone after our use. if that is not done a goog cleaning, so it is not convenient to lend.

To find out more, buy the book "El Anillo Atlante", where we explain the whole story, and which hand to use both physically and emotionally.



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